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1.Deans and Fulton Fellowships

Journal Publications

1. Turnage, S., Solanki, K.N., Whittington, W., Darling, K., Tschopp, M.A., Peralta, P. (2014). Quantifying structure-property relationships of a resistant spot welded aluminum 6061-T6 joint, Acta Materialia.

Conference Publications

2. Martin, H., Horstemeyer, C., Song, W., Whittington, W.R., Turnage, S., Florea, R.S., Grantham, J., Hicks, A., Solanki, K.N., Marin, E.B., Rhee, H., King, R. (2014). Welded Aluminum 6061: The Effect of Corrosion on Yield Strength, Proceedings of the TMS 2014, San Diego, Ca.
1. Turnage, S., Solanki, K.N.*, Whittington, W., Florea, R., Tschopp, M.A, Darling, K. (2014). Tensile and Shear Mechanical Properties in a Thermo-Mechanical-Electrical Processed Spot Weld, Proceedings of the TMS 2014, San Diego, Ca.

Conference Posters

1. Tschopp, M.A., Oppedal, A., Turnage, S., Miller, J., Grober, M.A., Rosenberger, A.H., Solanki, K.N. (2012) Hierarchically-driven approach for quantifying materials uncertainty in creep deformation and failure of aerospace materials, AFOSR review in Washington DC, October 2012.

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