Group Leader
Kiran Solanki is a Professor in the SEMTE at Arizona State University. Prior to coming to ASU, he was an Associate Director for the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems at Mississippi State University. Prof. Solanki received his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University in December 2008. Prof. Solanki's research interest is at the interface of solid mechanics and materials science, with a focus on characterizing and developing microstructure-based structure-property relationships across multiple length and time scales. To date, he has coauthored >100 journal articles, four book chapters, and >35 conference proceedings with faculty and students at ASU and MSU. For his efforts to promote the education of engineering students in the area of fatigue technology, he was awarded the SAE Henry O. Fuch Award by the SAE Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee. In 2011, Prof. Solanki received TMS Light Metals Magnesium Best Fundamental Research Paper Award for his work on predicting deformation and failure behavior in magnesium alloys using a multiscale modeling approach. Recently, he received the 2013 TMS Light Metals Division Young Leader Professional Development Award, the 2013 Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Research Award, the 2013 ASME “Orr Award” for Early Career Excellence in Fatigue, Fracture, and Creep, and the 2016 Science awards from the ONR/ECI.
Current Graduate Students

Saurabh sharma

PhD. Student: Materials Science and Engineering

Yashaswini Karanth

PhD. Student: Materials Science and Engineering

Antriksh Sharma

PhD. Student: Mechanical Engineering


Current M.S. students

Nikhil Shriram Joshi

M.S. Mechanical Engineering



Current Undergraduate Students


PhD. students

Mehul Bhatia

PhD. Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2014)

@ Assistant Teaching Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Dissertation: Role of impurities on the deformation of a HCP crystal: A multi-scale study

Ilaksh Adlakha

PhD. Mechanical Engineering (Summer 2015)

@ Assistant Professor, IIT-Madras

Dissertation: Role of defect interactions with embrittlement species in Iron: A multiscale perspective

Mansa Rajagopalan

PhD. Materials Science and Engineering (Fall 2016)

@ LAM Research

Dissertation: Design of Stable Nanocrystalline Materials for Extreme Applications

Scott Turnage

PhD. Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2017)

@ Army Research Lab

Dissertation: Anomalous Dynamic Behavior of Stable Nanograined Materials


Benyamin Gholami Bazehhour

PhD. Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2018)


Dissertation: Multiscale Modeling of Oxygen Impurity Effects on Macroscopic Deformation and Fatigue Behavior of Commercially Pure Titanium 

Pulkit Garg

PhD. Student: Materials Science and Engineering (Fall 2019)

@Postdoc UCI

Dissertation: The Effect of Defects on Functional Properties of Niobium for Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities: A First-Principles Study

Chaitanya Kale

PhD. Student: Materials Science and Engineering (Fall 2019)


Dissertation: Design of a Thermally Stable Nano-crystalline Alloy with Superior Tensile Creep and Fatigue Behavior

Soundarya Srinivasan

PhD. Student: Materials Science and Engineering (Summer 2021)


Dissertation: Structural stability and radiation tolerance of nanocrystalline Cu-Ta for extreme applications

Vikrant Beura

PhD. Student: Materials Science and Engineering (Summer 2022)


Dissertation: Role of solid-state processing induced deformation and microstructural variation on corrosion behavior of light-weight alloys


M.S. students

Jason Simmons

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2011)

Thesis: “Crystal Plasticity Modeling of Dynamic Recrystallization in an AZ31 Mg Alloy Using an Internal State Variable Approach”

@ NCode

Suratej Potula

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2012)

Thesis: “Safety Counter Measures: Study of Out of Position (OOP) Air Bag Deployment and Passenger Impact”

@ Ford Motor

Vivek Mukundan

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2013)

Shruti Parkar

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2013)

@Ceco Environmental (Fisher Klosterman Inc.)

Nicholas Ramseyer

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Spring 2014)

@ Raytheon

Nitin Muthegowda

M.S. Mechanical Engineering (Summer 2015)

Thesis: "Numerical Modelling of Galvanic Structural Joints Subjected to Combined Environmental and Mechanical Loading"



Undergraduate students

Jordan Walker

Undergraduate - Honors Thesis, Spring 2013

Erik Booker

Undergraduate - ASU/NASA Space Grant, 2012-2013

Gregory Jones

Undergraduate - FURI Student

Desiree Sherant

Undergraduate: FURI 2014

Joseph Hanson

Undergraduate - FURI

@ Intel

Ian Horvath

Undergraduate - FURI


Brian Chang

Undergraduate - FURI

Jordan Deorio

Undergraduate - Honors Thesis

Matthew McManus

Undergraduate - Honors Thesis


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