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TI-980 Triboindenter
TI980 nano-indenter from Hysitron can measure several mechanical properties such has hardness, modulus, pop-in loads etc. of materials ranging from bulk to thin films. The indenter also has capability to do high temperature indentation up to 850C in vacuum as well as inert environment.
High Temperature Carbolite Horizontal Tube Furnace
The 1700 °C Carbolite tube furnace aids in performing heat treatment operations up to 1700 °C under argon atmosphere. Ports are available for introducing additional gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. The furnace is directly connected  to a LABstar glovebox with argon atmosphere
MBRAUN LABstar glovebox

Provides a leak-tight environment for work with environment-sensitive materials. Main applications include processes where low-concentrations of oxygen or moisture is critical. Box is filled with an argon atmosphere.  

SPEX sample prep ball mill

Shaker mill is provided with ceramic vials and stainless steel balls for milling and mixing powders. Applications involve mechanical alloying and powder size reduction at room temperature as well as mechanical alloying at cryogenic temperatures.

Kolsky bars

4 interchangeable Kolsky bars can be used for high strain rate (103-104 s-1) testing of a wide range of materials under compressive, tensile, and torsional loads at temperatures up to 850 ˚C.

High Temperature Thermolyne Horizontal Tube Furnace

The Thermolyne tube furnace aids in performing localized heat treatment operations to a temperature of 850 °C. The furnace can be attached to the Kolsky bar for conducting elevated temperature, high strain rate mechanical testing



Microlathe, drill press, tool grinder and CNC micro mill aid in sample preparation and small part manufacturing for a variety of bulk sample geometries with good surface finish.

Universal tester

The electro-mechanical tester with furnace attachment provides a maximum load of 50 kN and temperatures up to 1200 °C. Tester is ideally suited for monotonic tension and compression testing. Tester is also capable of creep, stress relaxation, low frequency cyclic, and customizable testing procedures.

External Capabilities

The ASU Center for Solid State Science (CSSS) houses the Center for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (CHREM), which has a JEOL-2000FX TEM with 0.28 nm point-to-point resolution, light-element sensitive X-ray detectors and PEELS. A JEOL-2010F TEM/STEM with a Schottky field emission source optimized for small probe operation is currently available. This microscope has a resolution of 0.19 nm in TEM mode and 0.2-0.3 nm resolution in STEM mode. PEELS, X-Rays and Z-contrast capabilities are also available. A JEOL 4000 TEM operating at 400 kV can be used to obtain resolutions of up to 0.16 nm. Other TEMs, such as a Philips CM20, and a Topcon 0028 can be used for conventional diffraction work. In addition, the CHREM also counts with a FEI XL30 Field Emission Environmental SEM. This microscope has a resolution of 2 nm while operating under vacuum at 30 kV and 5 nm resolution under high vacuum at 1 kV. A high precision Focused Ion Beam (FIB) (Nova Nanolab) with EBSD and EDS capabilities is also available for micromachining sample surfaces, preparation of TEM samples from chosen locations. A microprobe able to analyze composition to within 0.1 at% for most elements using WDS is also housed on this center and will be used as needed.

Lab also has access to in situ fatigue testing machine (Ernest Fullam, Inc.) equipped with MTESTQuattro™ (Admet) testing controller. This is a 1000 lb Tensile Substage with tilting clamps for EBSD Studies


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